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7-Systems of Prosperity for the


Develop a professional presence,  greater client impact, and sustainable wealth.

Turn your equine-inspired dreams into reality!

This is the practical guide to overcoming the most common hurdles that every equine-assisted practitioner faces. 

Trade confusion for clarity, disconnection for alignment and, hustle for ease. 

Order the complete digital guide to building a profitable equine-inspired business. The price of The 7-Systems of Prosperity  is just $7.99. 



PLUS you’ll also receive our Ta-Da list for Systems of Prosperity - 75 actions you need to take to turn your equine-inspired dreams into reality.


This Method Really Works

"Thank you for the great ideas to work with! Don’t know why I waited so long to reach out to you for help with getting myself up and ready and started. I’ve been so used to having to do things alone for so many years that I’d forgotten how good it is to collaborate with like-minded souls. this particular field in this particular way before. Oh, and I’m booking clients!"

-Julie Grogan

Part 1: You Need This Book Because You’re Not An Internet Marketer

  • Chapter 1: A New Reality

  • Chapter 2:Preparing To Do Good Work

  • Chapter 3: The VUCA Challenge

  • Chapter 4: Build Your House Upon This Rock

  • Chapter 5: The Heart-Centered Lens


Qleap program

Part 2: The Quantum Love And Equine Assisted Prosperity Strategy

  • Chapter 6: Your Systems of Prosperity

  • Chapter 7: SOP #1 Your Mindset For Quantum Leap Success

  • Chapter 8: SOP #2 Your Signature Equine-Inspired Service

  • Chapter 9: SOP #3 Your Financial Prosperity System

  • Chapter 10: SOP #4 Your System For Enrolling The Right Clients

  • Chapter 11: SOP #5 Your Brand Promise

  • Chapter 12: SOP #6 Your Messaging, Marketing, and Follow-up

  • Chapter 13: SOP #7 Your Technology For Success

Part 3:  How To Embody The Wisdom Of The Horse

  • Chapter 14: Create Your Content Experience

  • Chapter 15: Writing Down The Bones

  • Chapter 16: Email Lists And Why You Need Them

  • Chapter 17: Running Your Business Like a Herd (even if it’s just you!)



The principles in this book will help you even if the idea of marketing yourself on the internet terrifies you. It used to terrify me too. The tools and templates in the book break everything down into manageable steps. 

You might be thinking that you’ll need to become a different person to build a prosperous business. More outgoing, mainstream, better looking, younger, etc. That’s not the truth. If you commit to sharing your message and your personal essence with the world the right people will find you.

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 Ready to dive in?

7 Systems of Prosperity

Get the Systems of Prosperity “Ta-Da” List FREE.

This list is action-packed, a complete list of 75 things you need to implement to set your equine-inspired business up for success. Every item you check off is a step closer to turning your dreams into reality.


Here's My Guarantee  

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If for some reason, you don’t find them useful I’ll refund you the full amount.

Just send me an email at schelli@schelliwhitehouse.com, tell me why it doesn't work for you and I’ll give you a full refund.

*DISCLAIMER: The teachings in this book will not work if you are not willing to take the necessary actions to apply your learning directly to the future of your business. You have to put yourself out there, be willing to fail and try again, and truly do the work!

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