Dear Equine Inspired Practitioner,

Your HORSE needs YOU to do this NOW!

They need you to share what you do in a way that others will get it!

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You Need An Elevator Speech!

An 'elevator speech' is a description of 'What You Do' crafted in a way that the listener will fully understand within the time it takes to get from one floor to the next in an elevator!

(And thankfully, it's brilliant to use when you're not in an elevator as well!)


Do you stumble over your words when someone asks you, “What do you do?”

Do you feel like you need an hour to explain the impact of your work with horses?

 Create the Perfect Elevator Speech 

We’ve all been there. Someone asks us, "What do you do?" 

And, as the words pour out of our mouths, we watch in frustration as their eyes glaze over, they lose concentration, and before we even finish, they offer a polite excuse to go on their merry way.

No! Come Back! I Want to Try Again!

I don't want that to happen to you ever again!

The next time someone asks you, "What do you do?" You will  the perfect elevator speech, that will have them fascinated and asking your more questions! 

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Here’s What’s in the Course

5 Simple Steps to "This is What I Do"
Create the Perfect Elevator Speech!

(I can’t wait to see what happens when you share your brilliance with the world!)

Step 1 

We'll determine who's leading the conversation and how YOU take the reins! 


Step 2

Clearly someone needs your help!

Let's tell them exactly what you can do for them!

Step 3

Your client's transformation is important to them!

They are seeking change.

I'll help you to clearly articulate what that change is!


Step  4

Enter the Horse!

It’s time to bring in our ever-important equine partners and reveal how horses help them achieve their desired outcome!

Step 5

Here's where you will learn some ways to  practice your speech until it flows as naturally as your own name.

We'll also look at ways for you to use the content you create in your ongoing marketing materials!


What Would it Mean for your Business if You Could Explain What You Do In Just a Few Short Sentences, Effortlessly Showing Your Ideal Client the Value in Working With You?


Countless equine inspired practitioners struggle for years before they get the clarity they need to reach the next level.

Don’t let a lack of clear language around what you do stand in your way! 

You hold an incredible brilliance inside of you that has the power to change lives, and I’m here to hold the space for you to discover it. 

The course will walk you through the process...



This Course is For Equine Inspired Practitioners Who:

 Are ready to do the inner work required to show up as their best selves for their clients.

 Know they need to commit to serving 1 ideal client in order to succeed in their businesses. 

 Need help coming up with the perfect tone and messaging in explaining what they do. 

 Are eager to jump in with both feet and get to work.

I’m Schelli Whitehouse,

a woman on a mission to make equine inspired transformation as popular as yoga and Starbucks. I mentor equine-assisted practitioners, helping them reach the people they are meant to serve.


"Wowzer! Jammed packed with goodies. Thank you Schelli Whitehouse totally awesome. I will be thinking about my ideal clients all night. Bloody brilliant content & guidance 🦄"

Joyologist Jojoy


"Yes, I have to LOVE my clients. That helps a lot!"

Hannah Pasquinzo

"This has really helped me, I am now feeling more confident about who I am "targeting" and what I can provide for them and their horses. My brain is full!!! "

Carrie Woolley

"I love Schelli's coaching and the way she breaks the process down into chunks. Very clear."

Lisa Maree

"This is the first time I've been able to narrow down my ideal client. So great start!! Thanks!

Toni LaSalle

 This IS for you if you are...

Ready to sit down and develop the perfect elevator speech so you can speak about your business and how you help people with ease!


If you've been wondering what you're missing and you're ready for it to be easier.