#3 High Intention-Low Attachment

High Intention - Low Attachment_

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Let's take a look at Quantum Leap Readiness principle #3, High Intention with a Low Attachment.

My definition of a Quantum Leap is the ability to measure forward momentum in your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical evolution. Your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and actions inform your measure of success (whatever success means to you).

High Intention - Low Attachment

High Intention - Low Attachment: a state in which we can readily overcome our attachment for things, circumstances, people, approval or concepts of the world and achieve a higher perspective.

Horses do not hold on to the ‘what ifs’ of any given experience. If a plastic bag blows across the pasture and sends them galloping and snorting in surprise for a minute or two, they don’t stand around making up stories about what could’ve happened if that plastic bag had been a mountain lion! After the curious ones check it out, everyone goes back to grazing. Back to a clear state of being present.

They don’t bring it up at the water through the next day and get excited all over again about something that didn’t happen. There is no emotional attachment to that experience. Their highest intention is always the wellbeing and safety of the herd. Once they have responded to the danger (real or perceived), they let it go. 

To ‘let go’ of your expectations for things, circumstances, people, approval or concepts of the world doesn’t mean that you don’t care. And it doesn’t mean you give up your preferences or desires. It’s an attitude of acknowledging and accepting ‘what is’ and moving on without getting stuck in the ‘what ifs’. 

In the previous episode about ‘Curiosity for Possibility,’ we talked a bit about how we sometimes find ourselves tripping down the negative future fantasy path, ruminating and angsting on something that hasn’t happened.

I’m pretty sure only humans do this. 

I have a High Intention for sharing this Quantum Leap Readiness series. My intention is to reach more like-hearted equine-assisted practitioners. Some of you will absolutely resonate with my message, my mission and my style of helping practitioners build their business. Some will take the leap to contact me and we’ll get to work.

Some will not resonate with me at all. This is where the need for Low Attachment comes in. I genuinely wish positive outcomes and success for those that aren’t in alignment with my message and I have to let them go and let go of any self-judgment or made-up belief, that ‘I’m not good enough’ for them.

If I tried to create a message that appealed to everyone - then I might as well be talking to no-one. 

Because we are primarily solo-entrepreneurs - and heart-centered, soulful service providers our messages need to beam our true essence out to those we are meant to serve. 

If you have a strong attachment to what others think of you then your High Intention is going have a difficult time gaining any momentum.

How often have you set an intention or a goal for your business with the expectation that the outcome has to look exactly a certain way? As soon as it starts to turn out in any other way than how we said it would, we label it and ourselves a failure. 

I catch myself doing this multiple times a day! The good news is, I am getting better at actually catching myself. My job is to stay in alignment with my intention and the feeling that brings.

It’s up to the Universe to decide how that Intention will manifest exactly. If I am viewing the circumstances through a Universal lens, with curiosity for the possibilities and my intentions are in alignment with how I wish to live and serve then I can allow for results that may be even greater than I could have imagined. 

When we hold too rigidly to a set expectation we create a contraction in our bodies and our thoughts which blocks the flow of creative energy.

Consciously choose how you want to live (High Intention) and then step back and release the expectations of a fixed outcome (Low attachment). 

When things, circumstances, or people are out of alignment with your High Intentions, you have a choice to either fixate on what’s wrong and undesirable or hold to your Higher Intentions of what’s possible. Come back to a clear state of being present. This is the creative space from which great outcomes may spring forth, even greater than you had ever imagined!

Thank you for joining me for Quantum Leap Principle #3 “High Intention with a Low Attachment”. 

Thank you for your contributions to this work and thank you for reading!

To Your Horse & Soul Success,

~author of “The Business of Coaching with Horses. How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses and Change the World!”

My mission is to empower and educate equine inspired practitioners in the art of profitable program design and marketing. My dream-come-true is to see equine-assisted personal and professional development be recognized and celebrated for the unique transformational modality that it is, and to become as popular as yoga and Starbucks!


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