About Schelli Whitehouse

Schelli Whitehouse is on a mission to help equine inspired transformation for professional and personal development become as popular as yoga and Starbucks by focusing on 2 specific areas.

  1. supporting rapidly growing teams and organizations to recognize and embrace the genius of shared leadership within their diverse ‘herd’ of individuals.
  2. mentoring other equine assisted practitioners to reach the people they are meant to serve. 

Her combined experience as a professional actor, equine assisted coach, and business design consultant have given her an artistic approach and fluid connection to our human emotions and potential. Schelli says that “Cultivating emotional agility is a key ingredient for clear and effective personal leadership.” 

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She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, “The Business of Coaching with Horses ~ How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses, and Change the World!” (available through all major booksellers) which is a blueprint for fellow practitioners to design a profitable and sustainable equine-assisted business. 

Schelli combines consulting through the practical aspects of branding, program design, delivery and marketing  with the mental and emotional coaching required to hurdle over the struggles of starting a new business or relaunching and existing one.

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “I am delighted with Schelli’s mentoring program. She has given me a level of clarity and focus that I knew I needed but was finding difficult to achieve on my own. She has helped me define my services with the essence of who I am and what I want to represent at the centre. Schelli helped me optimise my business in every aspect from service and product offerings to market focus and price point. Thank you, Schelli! ”

    Leading Edge Executive Skills

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “I was surprised that I would learn so much about myself working with Schelli, that it would be as challenging as it is (but thrilling all the same), that there were such creative ways to attract clients, and that I would LOVE IT SO MUCH!”

    Mavens with Mojo

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “I want to acknowledge what a powerful coach you are ... when you're in your sweet spot, holy smokes are you IN IT! I was so inspired, energized and in awe of what transpired in our session yesterday ... thank you, thank you for bringing all you are so beautifully so we could have that exploration together.”

    The Courage Herd

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “Schelli is a trusted partner who brings an upbeat and energetic climate to helping me to manifest my vision and did not put the pen down until we completed a well thought out program and developed the right agenda.”

    Managing Partner, Atlantic Leadership Group

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “I found it highly effective in not only identifying direction but being able to put my program out in a language that is attractive to my potential clientele. Being creative is just a small piece of a successful business. Developing content and getting the message to the correct audience is the nuts and bolts of a business.

    Great coaching style, Schelli is selfless, always makes herself available with the most practical yet very intuitive advice. Her enlightened approach to a successful business includes keeping an eye on what might sabotage your success and staying connected to your passion. ”

    Equine Translator

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “At various times in our business, we need help -- and help comes in all shapes and sizes. I got the help that I needed most at the time of meeting Schelli. She was a perfect match for what I needed to grow my business to the next level. And I'm sure Schelli will be a valued mentor/coach for me again.”

    Executive Coach - Marin County, CA

  • Schelli Whitehouse

    “Schelli has helped me to work from the inside-out instead of the outside-in. By this, I mean identifying and interviewing my ideal client to be able to provide the correct content. Also, so I understand the content I am providing and making sure it is relevant. Schelli will help you to stop trying to be all to everyone and focus on your unique talents! ”

    Owner - SE Coaching and Divas of Divorce