Beams and Waves


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Over the next few episodes, I’m going to introduce you to my herd and some other horses I have worked with over the years by sharing their client experiences from their point of view! 

I call this series, “Horse Sense for Humans”. I hope you enjoy.

This entry is titled, “Beams and Waves”

Hello, I’m Coach Lilly. 

We’re all in our stalls and there is a lot of chatter and laughter in the barn this morning. A new group of people has arrived.

First, they come to visit us one at a time. They quietly stand in front of the stall. We’re not allowed to touch them. It’s almost always the same. I can feel beams and waves of energy coming from them. Sometimes I ask what they want, sometimes it’s just too much and I move to the back of the stall, sometimes I get bored and look for something to eat.

They are going away now, but they will be back shortly.

This time when they come back it’s different than their first visit. I don’t feel those waves and beams like before, each person has a beautiful oval of light around them, like an egg. What I feel from them now is more like a pulse, a beating rhythm that I can get in sync with. (Big sigh, licking and chewing).

I don’t know what they did went they went away from their first visit but I sure do appreciate it. I can actually ‘feel’ each person when they stop to visit. I think maybe they actually ‘feel’ me too, even if it’s just a little bit. 

I hope they remember this the next time they come to visit!


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