After the Storm

After the Storm

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Over the next few episodes, I’m going to introduce you to my herd and some other horses I have worked with over the years by sharing their client experiences from their point of view! 

I call this series, “Horse Sense for Humans”. I hope you enjoy.

This entry is titled, “After the Storm”

Hello, I’m Coach Cruiser.

My client today is stomping all around the round pen. I haven’t figured out why I am even in here with her.

There are sparks of wild energy flying off in every direction as she flails her arms around and takes big strides one direction and then suddenly another.

I don’t dare look away - she doesn’t appear to even know where she is, I’m afraid she may crash into me if I don’t get out of her way!

Finally, she’s beginning to slow down, her arms are more rhythmic in motion and she’s started to skip. Her energy is lighter now, it feels large and smooth and she’s laughing.

Still, she doesn’t seem to notice me.

Well, this is a first! She just threw herself on the ground and is rolling around like I do when I want to scratch my back. When she stops she’s not laughing anymore, just laying there staring up at the sky.

Everything feels calm now, like after a big wind storm has blown through. I carefully walk over. It feels safe enough. I put my nose to her head and wiggle my lips on her hair, it smells nice, like fruit. 

She giggles. 

She knows I’m here now.


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