I'm NOT an Obstacle


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This series, “Horse Sense for Humans”, is straight from the horse’s mouth (translated by me!) You’ll get to meet some of my equine team as well as some other horses I’ve worked with over the years as they share some of their client experiences from their point of view!

I hope you enjoy!

“I am NOT an Obstacle!”

Hello, it’s Coach Cruiser here,

Our client is very busy moving cones and poles and barrels around the arena, setting up different areas. She stops to talk about what each area means to her. She gets very animated. I can feel her whole body start to buzz - it feels good. I walk over to see what the ‘buzz’ is about.

I like to push the cones with my nose and make them rock back and forth. 

Our client is walking over to the other side of the arena now, still talking and pointing. I’m going over there now too, I want to see what’s so exciting. The barrels are fun too. If you knock them over you can make them roll around!

The client and I walk back over to the first area she created. Coach Schelli asks our client to take a walk around the different areas she created and to invite me to go with her!

Whoa, someone just threw a switch or something because that happy, buzzy feeling is gone. Now our client is pulling on my halter and clucking and begging. No, no, no, I’m not going anywhere with you. I am stuck, stuck, stuck.

I feel a thick, heavy wall of energy in front me. I can’t go forward, even if I want to, which I don’t!

Finally, Coach Schelli asks our client what I represent to her on the journey she laid out.

Client: “Cruiser represents the obstacles preventing me from moving forward.”

(Big SNORT - all over Coach Schelli, by the way).

I shake my head and roll my eyes. So that was why the energy suddenly got so thick and dark. Geez, lady. I was following you all over the place earlier. I wasn’t an “obstacle” then. 

“Oh!”, she says, “I wonder what other obstacles I’ve been carrying around in my head!” (big sigh, more licking and chewing…)

Yes, I wonder too...


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