Activating a Healer


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This series, “Horse Sense for Humans”, is straight from the horse’s mouth (translated by me!) You’ll get to meet some of my equine team as well as some other horses I’ve worked with over the years as they share some of their client experiences from their point of view!

I hope you enjoy!

This entry is titled, “Activating a Healer”

Hello, I’m Coach Magnum.

I see her coming, Coach Schelli is inviting one of us to work with a new client.  Who-hoo! Me, me, me!  I want to work! I’ve been watching and paying attention. I’m ready to do this work now. Please pick me!!  (Galloping up the hill). 

Oh, …she just walked on by me.  There she goes. Maybe she didn’t notice me.  Hey you, excuse me… Hello…I said I want to work, I’m ready!  

Ok?  Please? 

Ah…she finally gets it. Yay, she’s putting the halter on me.  

Off we go towards the gate!



I’m not sure what’s going on.  I’m in this round pen, and there’s nothing in here, just Coach Schelli and woman with her back to me. 

I feel something from the one with her back to me.  It’s very strong. 

Ok. Here she comes. There is a buzzing feeling.  I feel the need to touch her and take care of something for her. I am so drawn to it. 

I need to do something for her about that buzzing. I can feel it running up and down the middle of her body!

I begin to lick her hands, fingers, arms. I gently put my lips around her skin then I breathe in her face and gently nudge her between her heart and her belly.

I need to lick and breathe on her whole body, even her feet.  The buzzing is moving from the center of her body and out through her arms and hands, down her legs and into her feet. Her whole body is vibrating!

Now she is moving her hands over my body without touching me. I can feel the vibration as she moves around me. 

I stretch my neck and yawn and yawn, I can't help it, there's something vibrating through me. It feels wonderful and safe and alive!

It seems so much clearer now, and I can breathe easily. (Big snort and breath.)  Mmmm, now we’re just standing together in a glow of soft energy. I guess I needed to help her. I think I must be pretty good at this work. She seems grateful.  

I can tell she's saying 'thank you' although there are no words. 

It just feels good. 

Thank You for your contributions to this work and thank you for reading.

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