Humans are Strange


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This series, “Horse Sense for Humans”, is straight from the horse’s mouth (translated by me!) You’ll get to meet some of my equine team as well as some other horses I’ve worked with over the years as they share some of their client experiences from their point of view!

I hope you enjoy!

"Humans are Strange"

Hi, I’m Coach Dusty,

There’s a woman standing in the middle of the round pen with me. I try to ask her what she wants but she just keeps waving the big stick back and forth. I think I’ll go see if there’s any grass to be found along the edges of the round pen.

Oh, what’s this? She’s now waving the stick, up and down. I still have no idea what she wants from me. Her energy feels noisy and swirly. This is frustrating.

Here comes Coach Schelli… she and the woman take a deep breath together. Ah, that feels better already. Her energy is not so noisy now. I’m getting a picture of me moving around the round pen. Oops, it’s gone. Oh, there it is again, the woman is pointing to my left and moving the energy on my right with the stick.

Ok, now, that is clear!

I can feel her energy rise now that I am moving, and she’s hasn’t stopped waving that stick, she must want me to go faster!

It feels good to stretch my legs, I’m a beautiful mover, everyone says so. Whoa! Noisy, swirly energy again. I’ll just stop and see what happened.

“I didn’t ask him to do that!”, the woman says out loud.

Human’s are strange, they don’t even understand their own energy and body language. She was loud and clear and didn’t even know what she was saying to me. (Big sigh…)

This one is going to need some practice!


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