If Wishes Were Horses… Would You Ride?


Are you familiar with the saying, “If wishes were horses beggars would ride?” I remember playing that over and over in my head when I was a kid, trying to reason what that meant.

Of course, now I know it means that everyone has wishes (and hopes and desires) and that the saying implies that wishes are actually hard to fulfill.

I was contemplating our cultural beliefs around money when I started thinking... What IF wishes were horses – would the beggars actually ride them? 

Would you?

Think about this for a minute…We all wish for more, bigger, better, faster, slimmer, sleeker, smarter, richer… something-er in our lives. 

But here’s the rub. Sometimes it’s right in front you (or maybe right behind you) and you don’t even notice it. Or you give it a passing glance and think that “it’s not for you” because… because… because!

Why isn’t it for you?

My theory is that most of the beggars who would be surrounded by beautiful wish-fulfilled horses would never ride one. They wouldn’t believe it was for them, that it could be true!

Have you ever wanted something for a long time and years later realized that you actually had all of the opportunities required to achieve what you wanted, but you didn’t recognize it at the time? You didn’t recognize it because you weren’t a vibrational match to that which you were asking for.

We get so caught up in our own daily dramas that we forget to spend time aligning ourselves with how we REALLY want to FEEL. 

If you believe the fulfillment of your wishes and desires will provide you with the happiness and contentment you crave but your mind is full of disappointment and frustration the majority of your days, then you will, unfortunately, manifest versions of your future that continue to provide disappointment and frustration.

Here’s a tip… If you will spend a few minutes a day – 5 or 10 uninterrupted minutes ruminating on what you want to experience in a way that actually feels AS IF you are actually having that experience you will be amazed at how the opportunities you desire begin to move closer to you! Shifting your vibration, even for brief periods of time, on a consistent basis will literally align you with what you truly want. When you are not in alignment you will only notice and experience that which you don’t want or would maybe not prefer.

What is your wish for your business, for your own self-expression?

Take time every day to FEEL what it’s like to already be the person whose work is ‘love made visible



To Your Horse & Soul Success,


~author of, “The Business of Coaching with Horses. How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses, and Change the World!”

My mission is to empower and educate equine-inspired practitioners in the art of profitable program design and marketing. My dream-come-true is to see equine-assisted personal and professional development be recognized and celebrated for the unique transformational modality that it is and to become as popular as yoga and Starbucks.


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