The Personal Essence of Your Business


Your personal essence, how you perceive the world, how you hold space for others to know themselves, the things that bring you joy, and the things that bring you to tears are your SHINE.

Discover The Essence of Your Equine Inspired Business


I invite you to give yourself a couple of days to lean into what enhances your shine... and also notice how others shine their unique essence. 

  • Notice and appreciate everything that brings you joy, laughter, ease, gratitude, synchronicity, or acknowledgment.
  • Notice when you feel fully aligned, fully yourself. 
  • Notice what you are doing and/or thinking when you feel that way. 

Even if it’s just mucking stalls, or cooking dinner, or singing your child a lullaby.  It doesn’t need to be the experience of beating your shortest time at an open gallop on the cross-country course (though it could be!).

You will know this alignment by the quality of your focus, the expansiveness in your heart, and lack of self-consciousness and self-criticism. (You can’t shine and sh*t on yourself at the same time!)

When this aspect of yourself, your true essence, has full permission for self-expression, your business will begin to take on a life that not only compliments your essence but begins to require your essence to shine even brighter!

I appreciate you ~ shine on!



To Your Horse & Soul Success,


~author of, “The Business of Coaching with Horses. How to Reach More Clients, Feed Your Horses, and Change the World!”

My mission is to empower and educate equine-inspired practitioners in the art of profitable program design and marketing. My dream-come-true is to see equine-assisted personal and professional development be recognized and celebrated for the unique transformational modality that it is and to become as popular as yoga and Starbucks


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