When The Pull of Opposite Directions Shows up In Your Business


PUSHME-PULLYOU.png ...The Pushme - Pullyou is a character from the 1967 film “Dr. Dolittle”. I was enthralled with the animal that had a front end of a llama on both ends of its body! Of course, as a six-year-old at the time I was most perplexed by how in the world did it go to the bathroom?

...All potty jokes aside, my thoughts of the PushMe-PullYou are how in the world did it ever decide which way to go? 

Do you ever feel a bit like a PushMe-PullYou yourself?
Are there times when you have two diametrically…

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The Personal Essence of Your Business


Your personal essence, how you perceive the world, how you hold space for others to know themselves, the things that bring you joy, and the things that bring you to tears are your SHINE.

Discover The Essence of Your Equine Inspired Business


I invite you to give yourself a couple of days to lean into what enhances your shine... and also notice how others shine their unique essence. 

  • Notice and appreciate everything that brings you joy, laughter, ease, gratitude, synchronicity, or…

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The Possible Client versus The Probable Client

Probable Vs Possible Client

During a podcast interview, I was once asked what is the first step toward building a successful equine inspired business. (We’re going to assume that the practitioner already has their training and infrastructure in place.) Many people believe that ‘marketing’ is the first step toward bringing in throngs of new clients (because there are soooo many people that will benefit from working with horses!) They get busy coming up with a clever name and a logo, creating business cards,  then the webs…

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Value vs. Price in your Equine Inspired Business

Value Vs Price

Today is the final installment of a 3 part series examining some of our common thinking and misperceptions on important elements of creating our business!I

In Part One of this series, “Market versus Niche” 

  • Your Target Market is the group of people you serve.
  • Your Niche is the service you specialize in offering to your target market

In Part Two “Mission versus Vision”.

  • Your Vision is the super goal, possibly one you may never witness or experience in your lifetime. Like achieving ac…

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Mission Versus Vision as an Equine Inspired Entrepreneur

Mission VS Vision

Last week we looked at the common mistake of people trying to market what they do instead of what people want. I certainly used to do that. I thought coaching with horses was the greatest discovery ever made and could help anyone and everyone that experienced it! (I still do actually) However, I soon learned that if you’re talking to everyone, NO ONE IS LISTENING. 

In Part One of this series, “Market versus Niche” I have the example of two horse trainers. 

The first example with the generic …

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Divinely Inspired Words for Creative Entrepreneurship


Christmas (2020) My BFF sent me a book of poetry by John O’Donohue (whom I adore) and one of his musings, “For the Artist At The Start of The Day”, has inspired me to share. 

All creative endeavors (including entrepreneurship) require resolve and commitment to venture into the unknown realms of possibility. 

May these words refresh your creative soul... 

“For the Artist At The Start of The Day” ~ by John O’Donohue

May morning be astir with the harvest of night;
Your mind quickening to the ero…

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How Much Does an Effective Marketing Strategy Cost?


Let’s look at a quick recap of last weeks required elements for an effective awareness strategy:


  • A deep understanding of your ideal client and main problem you help them to solve.
  • You know where they already spend their time and money attempting to solve this problem.
  • You know how to speak their language from a place of empathy. 


  • Your messaging clearly helps them identify the gap between where they are and where they want to be.
  • You have a strong ‘call-to-action’ that in…

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Permission to Seek Help In Your Business


I wrote the journal entry you’re about to read back in 2017. At the time I was working to build other people’s businesses. I was working (a lot), facilitating, coaching, teaching, marketing, and filling workshops and trainings for other practitioners. I was also broke. Exactly 9-months after I wrote that journal entry, my book, “The Business of Coaching with Horses” was published and I launched a new path of service, my own business. Because I gave myself permission to use my own words!


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Heart Centric Marketing for Your Equine Inspired Business


There’s an exercise we do with the horses where we ask the participant to lead the horse through a simple course while in their head, then the heart, and then the gut. Noting their success or lack of success each time. Then we invite them to integrate all 3 areas and have the horse go with them again. The shift in the relationship and ease in which they move together is always significantly noticeable!

Without going into the specifics of the exercise, the point I want to share is that almost ev…

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The Requirements for a Profitable Equine Inspired Business


Super-Powers - ✔CHECK!

Horses - ✔CHECK!

Program - ✔CHECK!

Marketing Strategy - (uh, I have a website. Does that count?)

Clients - (crickets)

Most of us launched our practices with a wing and a prayer. If you’ve read my book (The Business of Coaching with Horses) you know after I graduated (an 18-month training) I shot out of the cannon ready to change the lives of humans and horses forever! 

I had SUPER-POWERS. I had HORSES! I had a PROGRAM that I wholeheartedly believed in. I had NO Marke…

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